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Designer/ Illustrator

Founder of folk and nido 

                                                                                                                        Coming from a fashion design background, 

I have always had an interest in all things design.


I spent 10 years working in high end 

couture and ready-to-wear production which led me to dabble into my own clothing line a few years back. 


A combination of bad timing and a feeling that fashion just didn't seem a fit for me anymore, led me back to my basics, 

and got me soul searching for what it was I was so passionate about early on. 


After taking a year off to become a mum, now of 2, I got back in touch and into all the things that I once loved which had drawn me to

fashion in the first place. 

My love for design lies in fabric, texture, colour, creating, 

using my hands and illustration.


I started drawing again, which developed into freelancing in

art/graphic design, and a gift card collection. 


My obsession with magazines slowly migrated from fashion to the home and then somewhat organically I designed a homewares product range, a concept and folk and nido the store came about.


I'm now spreading myself across it all,  taking custom orders for Illustration, graphics and art design, and you can check out the homewares website           



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