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It’s been a long time between drawings, it felt like the right time. I like many others have donated what I could personally to the NSW bushfire crisis, but am admired by the sheer volume of people using their skills to help those affected. So this is my skill. I’ve been working on this piece for a few weeks and hopefully how I can put said skill to good use. 
I have seen how every small amount can make a difference.

I’m selling this illustration “we are one” . I’m selling The original, and special edition prints. . ALL proceeds (aside from the small printing cost) go to wildlife organizations that need the help. 
I tracked down the original photograph of this beautiful image. It was taken in 2009 by an amazing lady Stella Reid, she gave me the go ahead to use her image. She runs @wildhaven_australiaa sanctuary for rescue animals where she brings our wildlife back to health, which tragically along with her home was burnt to the ground in the black Saturday Victorian fires. She’s dedicated her life to this cause and rebuilding and knows first hand what devastation these crisis’ cause. These two roos were the first two taken in by the centre after those fires. I will be donating proceeds to Wildhaven and any other wildlife organization that needs our help. 


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