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It's the LJSF 2nd year running, I missed the first due to a 9 day old baby but from what I'm told this year was even bigger and better. It's a festival in Long Jetty on NSW Central coast, for the locals by the locals, and it's exactly what the Central coast needs more of! What was once a run down suburban suburb, is now a hugely popular place for young local families and creatives from the area. The festival highlighted the artistry and entrepreneurship of the now thriving urban suburbia. Cafe's, wholefoods, florists and boutiques are slowly popping up on every corner and the festival is a chance for these locals to show off their talents. It was a great vibe, great food, great atmosphere and a credit to the Central Coast and the locals for creating such an event.

The two small business' I have done branding for, Luna Fleur and The wholefods bar, had stalls at the event and both sold monster amounts for the 2nd year in a row. So happy to have been part of the process. Check it out!

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