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A Labour of Love

All branding by Teniele Ashlee

Menu design and production by Teniele Ashlee

Plant series artwork by Teniele Ashlee

Signage printed by Signarama Erina

All restaurant design/ styling and execution by The Balcony Terrigal

My latest job offered a little more reward than the usual. I graciously accepted the task of art direction for the branding for a new restaurant establishment, only this one was the new baby of a couple of my oldest friends. They were always meant for something like this, they met whilst we were all working together in a restaurant, fell in love, had babies and it was just finally 'their' time to birth a different kind of baby, no:4.

I couldn't be prouder and I don't know many other people able to pull this off with 3 other babies! But they have, they will, and the vision came to life.

For the most part, they left me to my devices and trusted me to decipher and reproduce the inside of their brains, and luckily we are like sisters from another mister so whilst I felt an extra responsibility to make sure this project was absolutely perfect, we were always on the same wave length.

I am so happy with the results, the entire restaurant exudes casual cool, and being so close to home, I feel a warm sense of accomplishment with the projects I took on for this space.

I guess I was a little extra invested in this one, and that made it that much more rewarding than the average.

As I was saying, the place itself is spectacular, the food is amazing, the wine list better, and The Balcony Terrigal now provides the area with a fresh and sophisticated new dining/bar option.

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